About Me

Greetings! My name is Jenann Elias. I currently am a Teacher-Librarian in the Redlands area of Southern California. Previously I taught English and Journalism at Rancho Mirage High School for many years.

I am a Southern California native. I've lived in the San Bernardino area most of my life (exception being college). After finishing high school, I went to the Midwest to pursue multiple degrees (Journalism, Literature, and Writing and Speaking).

Once I had graduated, I began substitute teaching in the San Bernardino area for many years. Wanting to actually teach a class from start to finish prompted me to go back to school and earn a teaching credential from the University of Redlands. I eventually returned to school again to gain a Master's in Information Science.

​I teach because I love to see people enjoy learning something. That "something" doesn't have to be a success from a huge term paper, or 100% on a test. Knowledge takes all shapes and forms, and isn't only in the field of English.

In the past I have taught at a variety of schools and in many different roles. My different experiences have inspired me to work on a Master of Library and Information Science Master's Degree - emphasis Teacher-Librarian.

​I like reading and writing (no, seriously!), listening to music, watching films, exploring nature, visiting Disneyland, and cooking.