The Story of 'The Nude Tarot'

I was looking for a classical Tarot deck, featuring artistic, tasteful nude photographs.  To my surprise, I couldn't find one. There were a few decks, but not in the style I was looking for. A lot of decks had heavily-photoshopped backgrounds, hand-drawn additions,  or were drawn instead of photographed.  So I got together with my friend and make-up artist Denise, and we set off on a multi-year mission to create a deck ourselves.

I spent a lot of time meticulously researching and designing the cards, finding the perfect model for each card, bringing them into my studio (or, on a couple occasions, in other locations), telling them what I was looking for, and getting the shot, then post-processing to make sure everything was exactly what I wanted.

Now I finally have the deck completed, and I offer it to you here in all it's glory. All 78 cards with a booklet, available for purchase, for the low price of $49.99.