Academic Publications

  • "Are Voter Rolls Suitable Sampling Frames for Household Surveys? Evidence from India" (with Ruchika Joshi, Karan Nagpal, and Andrew Fraker). Field Methods, 36(1), 2022. (gated article, working paper)

  • "Can Social Motivators Change Children's Hand-Washing Behavior? Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of a School Hygiene Intervention in the Philippines" (with Qayam Jetha, Clément Bisserbe, Daniel Waldroop, Ella Cecilia Naliponguit, Jon Michael Villasenor, Louise Maule, and Lilian Lehmann). The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 104(2), 2021. (article, supplementary appendix)

  • "Can Child-Focused Sanitation and Nutrition Programming Improve Health Practices and Outcomes? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Kitui County, Kenya" (with Gerishom Gimaiyo, Matt Yarri, Shiva Singh, Andrew Trevett, Grainne Moloney, Ann Robins, and Lilian Lehmann). BMJ Global Health 2019;4:e000973. (article, supplementary appendix)

  • "Are Poor Voters Indifferent to Whether Elected Leaders are Criminal or Corrupt? A Vignette Experiment in Rural India" (with Abhijit Banerjee, Donald P. Green, and Rohini Pande). Political Communication, 31(3): pp. 391-407, August 2014. (ungated)

Other Publications

  • "Can Machine Learning Double Your Social Impact?" (with Ben Brockman, Andrew Fraker, and Buddy Shah). Stanford Social Innovation Review, February 20, 2019. (article)

  • "The Great DIB-ate: Measurement for Development Impact Bonds" (with Buddy Shah and Kate Sturla). Stanford Social Innovation Review, November 21, 2018. (article)

  • "New Evidence in Governance" (with Rohini Pande). Prepared for the Asian Development Bank a a Special Evaluation Study on Enhancing Good Governance, June 2013.

  • "Horticulture Exports and African Development" (with Stephen S. Golub). Prepared for the United National Conference on Trade and Development, November 2008.

Working papers

  • "Can Poverty Graduation Programs Sustain Impact during Shocks? Evidence from Kenya and Uganda during COVID-19" (with Winfred Kananu, Christy Lazicky, Sarah Carson, Miguel Angel Jiminez Gallardo, and Frida Njogu-Ndongwe). (working paper: September 16, 2022)

  • "Outcomes-Based Incentives for Education Programming: Evidence from a Development Impact Bond in India" (with Lucas Kitzmüller, Neil Buddy Shah, and Kate Sturla). (working paper: September 10, 2022)

  • "Addressing the Youth Skills Gap through University Curricula: Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Evaluation in Rwanda" (with Rebecca Bier, Christopher Chibwana, and Radhika Lokur). (working paper: January 6, 2020)

  • "Educational Qualifications of Village Leaders in North India: Implications for Public Service Delivery." Thesis for Master of Public Administration in International Development, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. (working paper, policy brief, thesis award website)

Banner photo: John Snow's map of cholera cases in London, 1854 (link)