Hello! I'm a physicist working in public health, specially interested in using machine learning and natural language processing. My research focuses on patient's prioritization in waiting lists and to understand the connection between obesity and food sales. I currently divide my time as an adjoint professor in the Faculty of Medicine - Center for Medical Informatics and Telemedicine (CIMT), and as a scientists in the Center for Mathematical Modeling (CMM) at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, both at the University of Chile. The webpage of my group is pln.cmm.uchile.cl


  • Our paper "The Chilean Waiting List Corpus: a new resource for clinical Named Entity Recognition in Spanish" was selected as Best Paper at the Clinical Workshop of EMNLP Conference!

  • I will have a talk at the Congreso del Futuro in January 19th.

  • I got a Fondecyt Iniciación 2020-23 "Resources and Evaluation Tasks for Advancing Clinical Natural Language Processing in Chile"!

  • During 2020 I'm teaching linear algebra and introduction to calculus for the masters in Medical Informatics. The latest version of the class notes for algebra and calculus are out with links to Youtube videos (all in Spanish).

  • Together with Fabián Villena we analyzed the free-text in the non-GES waiting list for specialty in Chilean public hospitals. Here is the paper about automatic classification of referrals and this paper is about the visualization.

  • Our group is annotating medical entities in text produced in Chile! Fabián Villena and Pablo Baez are supported by the U-Inicia grant UI-004/19.

  • Our article "Predicting nationwide obesity from food sales using machine learning" has received a lot of attention in the media! See for example, Spanish newspaper El Pais, TV interview in 24horas, podcast Teletrece Radio and Emol.

  • Fabián Villena, my masters student, won the Best Poster Prize in the conference Make Health Chile! Also, he got accepted a paper in MIE 2020 "On the construction of multilingual corpora for clinical text mining"! He is super awesome :)

CV and publications

I hold a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge in the UK under the supervision of Ray Goldstein, and I have a Masters and Bachelor degree in Physics from the University of Chile, supervised by Rodrigo Soto. I started working in mathematical modeling for healthcare during my postdoctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health School, working at the Global Obesity Prevention Center.