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Estes Park 2018
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The second day of school, we brought our whole class community into a circle for our first important advising of the year. We shared our Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams for the year. Most of the kids were brave and shared their ideas aloud and others quietly put their idea into a special rock. As kids shared, I took notes and wanted to share your children’s wise words:

I Hope, Wish, and Dream that:

  • new kids will have a great time
  • We become better readers
  • the 3rd graders will have a great year
  • I will be the happiest person in the world
  • Our teachers have a great time teaching
  • We learn about the Sand Dunes
  • We make new friends
  • We will be happy
  • We have a good time (7 kids)
  • We make new friends (5 kids)
  • We will be kind and lovely as possible
  • We have a fun time
  • We will be nice to each other
  • We become better mathematicians
  • Will be kind
  • We will learn something new from each person in the class
  • We will be good friends
  • We learn about bugs
  • We will be better people
  • all first graders have a great year
  • We learn about underwater caves
  • We have the greatest time
  • We get smarter
  • We feel safe
  • We sit next to new friends
  • We will be curious
  • We will be better writers
  • We will be a friendly class
  • We will be very good readers
  • We will win a pizza party
  • everyone in the school have a good life
  • it will be the same as last year
  • We will have a really good year

Welcome to a new school year and a new website. The purpose of this site is to give you information about happenings in our classroom and to give you a peek into the school day.

Most weeks we will update the site with a "newsletter". You will find out some highlights of the week and what is coming in the future. It is important to check each week for new information, as this will be our main mode of communication. There is no need to worry about where the paper newsletter is, we don't need to spend budget money on copies each week, if your child lives in more than one home-everyone gets the information, and you will find links and photos so much easier.

For families returning to our area, we have changed websites to make the photos and videos accessible to all (so many problems last year).

So, please bookmark our site. I usually update over the weekend, when my kiddos are sleeping or over morning coffee. Please be sure your email is current with office, because we will create an email list based on these emails, I will send out a blast when the newsletter is ready to check. At the top right of the screen you will see the pages (home, newsletter), click on "Newsletter" and you will find our newest and past weeks' information.

If you ever have questions- about anything- please let Jim or me know!



A little bit about us.....Molly Rubin and Jim Macur.......

Shortly after I moved to Boulder from New York, 20 years ago, I started working in a Montessori school and started my licensure and Masters through UCDenver. I was lucky to come and visit JCOS for an "observation" class. I knew right away that something special was happening here and was intrigued. A few months later when I found out my program was placing student teachers at JCOS, I jumped at the chance.

I started student teaching in 1999 and have never left. I started in the ELC (Early Learning Center) when it was K,1, 2 and moved up to the IA (Intermediate Area) in order to be able to stay in this supportive community. I was advisor for many years of the 3rd and 4th graders and was in the IA when it converted to 4,5,6. When the opportunity arrived 6 years ago to come back down to the ELC I made the choice to come back to what made me love teaching in the first place. I love teaching the foundation years of literacy, reading and writing, being around kids who still believe in magic and fostering the natural curiosity that they have about the world around them and the world in the past and possibilities in the future.

So, 18 years later, here I am. I love this community for so many reasons and am proud to have both of my children, Thomas and Sarah here too (both in Mary and Ana's class this year). I'm also on this parent journey with you.

A few years ago I was lucky to gain a great teammate in Jim.

I have lived in a few states before moving to my "Home," Colorado. I was born in Illinois, but spent all of my school aged years in Wisconsin. After getting a Bachelor degree in music performance (classical guitar) from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, I moved to Minneapolis to continue this path. After 2 more years I received a Masters Degree in Guitar performance from the University of Minnesota - Minneapolis.

Freshly married and excited about life, my wife, Rachelle and I moved to Maui for a year. It was pure magic!

After Hawaii, we moved to Colorado for our next adventure. Before going back to school for teaching I spent 8 years as, first, director of a startup after school program, and then, second, director of a My Gym down in Highlands Ranch.

But classroom teaching was calling...

4 year ago I went back to school at UCD in the Urban Community Teacher Education program. I student taught at Parr Elementary in a 3/4th grade and Kindergarten classrooms.

When I started looking for a place to teach I was elated that a position at the Open School came up. The year before my family had moved to Lakewood to be close to this school. My oldest daughter was there already, enrolled in 1st grade!

So I started teaching at the Open School the following year (2015). Now both of my children are enrolled and just as excited as I am to be there. When I am not at school you may find me out hiking with the family, rock climbing, collecting rocks, gardening, listening to music, or hunting for chert for my new hobby, prehistoric flint knapping.

My fantastic teammate Molly and I are as eager as our class to explore and discover the endlessly fantastic world we live in. Stop by and see what the kids and we have been digging up!

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