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Hi, my name is Jay

I'm a builder of collaborative autonomous mobile robots, reconfigurable robotic systems, and smart factories.  I like when automation is built in modular ways so that when automation is adopted by companies it can be rapidly implemented in sensible increments and can change or expand as needed in future.  Previously I've used these concepts to help build a modular holonomic robot for warehouses and manufacturing, the world's most technologically advanced synthetic biology platform to make new materials and a robotic cloud lab for scientists.  Before realizing how underserved the biotech and wet lab world was with robotics and automation I was at the University of Pennsylvania as a Master's (Robotics) student who spent a great deal of time in Mark Yim's ModLab developing modular self-reconfigurable robots.

Before moving to the US in 2010, I lived in Australia where I studied Mechatronics at UNSW before it was cool.  

Great projects require great teamsMuch of what you see on this site wasn't all done by me but I couldn't show the impacts of my results without showing you the contributions of others too.  I'm especially lucky to have worked with so many great people who helped me become who I am today.  It's been a real privilege to work and learn from them all. 

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