Jason D. Williams

jdw [at} alumni (dot] princeton [dot) edu

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Experience & education

Apple/Siri, Director, Language understanding, 2018-Present

Microsoft Research, Principal Research Manager, 2012-2018

AT&T Labs Research, Principal Member of Technical Staff, 2006-2012

Cambridge University, Ph D, Engineering Dept, 2002-2006

Edify Corp, Senior consultant - Usability and Speech Technology, 2002-2005

Tellme Networks, Voice Application Development Manager, 2000-2001

McKinsey & Company, Associate, 1999-2000

Cambridge University, Masters, Speech/Language Processing, 1998-1999

Princeton University, BSE, Electrical Engineering, 1994-1998


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Microsoft Academic - "Dialog Systems" area

Recent awards

Appointments, editor, and organizer roles

Journal reviewing and grant panelist

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Kavosh Asadi, Summer 2016 and 2017. Reinforcement learning with recurrent neural networks for dialog systems. Currently at Amazon.

Hao Fang, Summer 2015. Natural language understanding. Currently at Microsoft in the Semantic Machines group.

Nobal Niraula, Summer 2014. Natural language understanding. Currently with Boeing Research & Technology.

Pradeep Dasigi, Summer 2014. Conversational systems. Currently at AI2.

Ke Zhai, Summer 2013. Dialog modeling. Currently an Applied Scientist at Microsoft.

He He, Summer 2013. Action selection in dialog systems (co-mentored with Lihong Li as lead mentor). Currently a Assistant Professor at NYU.

Angeliki Metallinou, Summer 2012. Belief tracking in dialog systems (co-mentored with Dan Bohus). Currently a Speech Scientist at Amazon.

Ethan Selfridge, Summer 2010 and 2011 at AT&T. Turn-taking in dialog systems. Currently Director at LivePerson.

Hamid Chinaei, Summer 2010 at AT&T. Reinforcement learning for dialog systems. Currently at Carleton University.

John Asmuth, Summer 2009 at AT&T. Bayesian approaches to reinforcement learning. Currently at Two Sigma.

Lihong Li, Summer 2008 at AT&T. Feature selection in reinforcement learning. Currently a Senior Principal Scientist at Amazon.

Umar Syed, Summer 2007 at AT&T. Learning user models from unlabeled data. Currently a research scientist at Google. 

Thesis committees

Ethan Selfridge, Oregon Health & Science University (2013) 

Rohit Kumar, Carnegie Mellon University (2011).