Finding me

Navigating the Conference Center can be tricky. You can find my office, CC 3008, on the map below depicting the northwest wing of the CC's third floor. (The full CC layout is available here.) You'll have to take the stairs, because elevator access to the third and fourth floors requires a keycard.

Office hours

What are office hours? I highly recommend Professor Andrew W. Ishak's (Santa Clara) answer in this funny little video. I love engaging with students and I certainly want to ensure that everyone's questions get answered. Like Ishak, I'm also a big proponent of multiplexity, which "exists when a tie between two or more people encompasses multiple activities or topics of conversation rather than a single activity or shared topic" (Mesch & Talmud, 2006). Multiplexity increases tie strength and trust, all good things. So please, come to office hours and, when you do, feel free to strike up a conversation about something not class-related.

Current office hours are Tuesdays (14:45-15:45 and 21:20-22:20) and Fridays (13:00-14:00). If you need the Zoom links, or you want to make a one-off appointment, please shoot me an email.

Academic advising

To get the most out of your advisor, you really need to do two things. First, spend some time chatting with me. (See the discussion of multiplexity above.) Second, involve me in your decision-making process; don't just send me a filled-out form requesting my approval to, say, drop a course. Advising is an institutional arrangement engineered to supply you with advice and feedback, not signatures. So drop by my office or, even better, make an appointment via email.

Letters of recommendation

If you're applying for something that requires a letter of recommendation, I may be willing to write one for you. To request a letter of recommendation, please save us both time and read this first.

Why study political science?

If you've ever wondered why on earth you should study political science, several esteemed political scientists have offered answers on YouTube: Vincent Hutchings (Michigan), Mike Munger (Duke), Zoe Oxley (Union College), Dave Rohde (Duke), John Sides (George Washington), Jim Stimson (UNC), and Sean Theriault (Texas).