E. Jason Baron

Florida State University

Department of Economics

Ph.D. Candidate

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at Florida State University. My research employs detailed administrative datasets and quasi-experimental techniques to examine topics in the economics of education, public finance, and urban and regional economics.

My dissertation is composed of three related papers, all using natural experiments from the state of Wisconsin to examine critical issues in education policy such as the importance of public school funding and teacher compensation reform for student outcomes, and the role that teachers' unions play in the teacher labor market. Another branch of my research examines the impact that colleges and universities have on local economic development.

My work has appeared in the Economics of Education Review and the Hamilton Project’s volume Place-Based Policies for Shared Economic Growth. I will be presenting and available for interviews at the Southern Economics Association Meetings in Fort Lauderdale and at the ASSA Meeting in San Diego.

Email: ejb15c@my.fsu.edu


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