Japanese Resume Assistance Service

履歴書 - Rirekisho

A resume(履歴書 - Rirekisho) is very important if you do job hunting in Japan for a full time or even a part time job.

But the Japanese style resume is complicated even for Japanese people. There are meticulous rules like Showa/Heisei years, appeal area and Japanese resume needs some personal information like age and marital status.

We will help

If you will make whole resume by yourself, it takes time.

We will help with that step, and we hope you can focus on job hunting. If you don’t know what you are doing and make one that can be considered sub-par then you haven’t used your time effectively.


1. Please fill out all the form with all your information

2. Payment (8,800 yen)

3. Please send us English resume and your picture

4. In 2 business days, we will send you a Japanese resume

You are free to use this for all your Japan job searches.