Jannik Strötgen - Research

Research Interests & Projects

My research interests lie in the fields of natural language processing, text mining, and information retrieval. During my time at Heidelberg University and Max Planck Institute for Informatics, I was also involved in digital humanities projects (e.g., heureclea).

Research Competitions

  • 1st place: MEDDOPROF, Medical Documents Professions recognitino shared task (Spanish) [IberLEF'21].

  • 1st place: MEDDOCAN, Medical Document Anonymization task (Spanish) [IberLEF'19].

  • 1st place: EVENTI, Italian temporal tagging task [EVALITA'14].

  • 1st place: TempEval-3, English and Spanish temporal tagging tasks [SemEval'13].

  • 1st place : TempEval-2, English temporal tagging task [SemEval'10].



The following links show some demos about research I participated in:


I participated in the development of several corpora with annotated temporal expressions: