Click here to navigate to the JANFU Modset steam collection page. Then click "Subscribe to all"

Alternatively use this link for an Arma 3 launcher .html that will automatically download all mods and organize them into a collection. (Drag this file onto your Arma 3 Launcher)

Please note that the Arma 3 Apex DLC is required. All other DLC is optional.

Mod Setup Tutorial

You should get a message that ACRE2 has been successfully installed

   You should also see in the Teamspeak 3 Tools->Options->Addons that you have ACRE2

Please refer to the troubleshoot FAQ below if you did not receive a message that ACRE2 has been installed or have any other mod/teamspeak related issue.

Technical Support FAQ

ACRE2 Issues: (most ACRE2 issues can be solved by restarting Teamspeak NOT in admin mode and/or reloading the ACRE2 plugin)

Q: Error when launching the JANFU mods saying ACRE did not install.

A: Ensure Teamspeak is closed when first launching our mod pack and make sure Steam is launched in administrator mode.

Q: ACRE is not connected to Teamspeak error when in-game.

A: In Teamspeak go to Tools->Options->Addons and confirm you have an ACRE2 plugin and that it is activated. If there is no plugin ACRE2 is not installed. Refer to the question above.

Q: ACRE2 server and client mis-match.

A: Close Teamspeak 3, in the Arma 3 launcher repair the ACRE2 mod and re-launch the game.

Q: Direct local chat works in-game but no one can hear me over the radio.

A: Try using voice activation or not using the push to talk delay feature in Teamspeak.

If any of the above did not work you can try installing ACRE2 manually, this is not recommended unless as a last resort as you will have future issues installing updates when using a manual installation.

ACE/Other Issues:

Q: ACE Interaction keys not working.

A: You may have an outdated version of CBA or ACE. Use the repair function in the Arma 3 launcher on both mods.

Q: Getting kicked from the server on mission start.

A: Sometimes steam does not automatically install updates for workshop mods. Close Arma 3 and re-launch Steam, you should see a notification that mods recently updated when you next get into the Arma 3 launcher. If they still do not update use the repair function in the launcher. DM an officer and they can tell you which ones most recently updated.

Q: Falling through the map/loading screen does not reflect the actual map the mission is on.

A: You are likely just not launching all the JANFU mods. Double check you have every mod in the JANFU collection enabled in the Arma 3 launcher.

Q: Others can't hear my gun shots.

A: You may have additional mods being loaded which often causes sound conflicts. Make sure only mods in the JANFU collection are being launched.