J and G's Place To Be

Welcome. We are Jason and Giselle, your hosts from WI (Wisconsin) and W.I. (The West Indies). Come enjoy a stay in our home, Wisconsin's only B & B & B & B.

Why all the 'B's you might ask?

Our Bed & Breakfast features a Board Game Library (B #3) with many of the top ranked titles from Boardgamegeek.com (link goes to our collection). Did you know that playing board games helps couples fall and stay in love? Check out this February 2019 study on board games and building stronger bonds. We also teach Ballroom Dance Lessons (B #4), as many couples want to learn a new skill that stays with them the rest of their lives. Plus, you want to dance with your own star.

The following five links will take you to full room descriptions and booking calendars located at Airbnb. Once you see our pricing, you might recommend we add a 5th B for 'Budget'.

We look forward to seeing you soon, and learning more about why you, too, choose the more adventurous way to travel.

NEW! Coming this Spring: the Treehouse Retreat. Once we choose the weekend for this 'Amish style barn raising" in a 100- year old Blue Spruce, we invite you to come and help. Book on that weekend and indicate you are coming to help build the tree house and you will receive half off your stay.