About Jamie Jo Morgan

Jamie Morgan has recently been chosen as a TCEA High Impact Teacher of the Year Finalist!


Teaching is my PASSION! I’ve been working in education and in a classroom since 2009. I love to bring my strong Music and Theatre backgrounds into my classroom every day. I think learning should be engaging, fun, and exciting. I think back to my favorite lessons from my childhood and when I learned most, and I try to shape my lessons around the things that made those lessons powerful!

I am a wife and a mother to two amazing children, both with special needs. My older daughter has been through the Gifted and Talented program before, and my younger daughter has Down syndrome and Autism. My life is filled with excitement, and I use those experiences to shape myself as a teacher.

What can be said about my classroom? Well, the hands-on assignments and experiments, the strong integration of technology, and the project-based learning that takes place allow our Talented and Gifted students to explore a part of themselves without limits. The possibilities can truly become endless. My lifetime love of learning, especially with technology, drives my desire to be the best kind of teacher I can be for my students

certifications include:

EC-4 Generalist

4-8 Generalist

8-12 Reading, English, Language Arts

English as a Second Language

Google Certified Educator Level 1

Google Certified Educator Level 2

Google for Education Certified Trainer

Seesaw Ambassador