Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry

—— An event in honor of Prof. Shokurov's 70th Birthday

Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry

(in honor of Prof. Shokurov's 70th Birthday)

Johns Hopkins University

Organizing Committee: Caucher Birkar (University of Cambridge), Christopher Hacon (the University of Utah), Chenyang Xu (M.I.T.) with help from Jingjun Han (Johns Hopkins University).

Principal Japanese Organizers: Keiji Oguiso (University of Tokyo), Shunsuke Takagi (University of Tokyo).

This one year long program at Johns Hopkins University will feature 3 graduate-level courses, one conference, three Kempf lectures, three Monroe H. Martin lectures, several colloquiums and weekly seminars.

Tentative schedule for the conference: March 16--22, 2020.

The JAMI program welcomes everybody to attend. For more details, please contact Jingjun Han: jhan@math.jhu.edu.