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This is a unique online creativity intensive based on The Artist's Way book, which is a miraculous and life changing system to help you activate your creativity. The purpose of the course is to inspire people and get people creating again, regardless of what artform you feel called to pursue.

I meet incredible talented people all the time who aren’t expressing themselves creatively. Why not?

What is blocking you from being the creative person you were born to be?

Why aren’t you living up to your creative potential?

In addition to the course based on The Artist’s Way I invited some of my gifted artist and musician friends to help you reach your creative potential. This is a unique opportunity to hear perspectives from world renowned professional artists, in a way The Artist’s Way has never been taught before.

Jake Kobrin's Podcast Guest Appearances

Jake Kobrin on The Miles Files with Miles Johnston

Quarantine Sessions Podcast with Jake Kobrin

Conversations with Visionary Artist Jake Kobrin recorded mostly live through Instagram during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Right now is a crucial time in human history, and people need inspiration and positive role models and examples more than ever. The Inspiration behind the podcasts is to provide a platform for community pillars and to construct an inspiring narrative for people in this time of crisis. The people Jake has felt attracted to speak to are people who have stepped outside of the conventional way of thinking and being. They are those who have transcended the matrix. They live life on their own terms. They are all people Jake respects and wants to learn from, and who he is inspired by. They are artists, musicians, philosophers, writers, psychologists, and coaches. I hope you find these conversations inspiring as well. Subjects: psychedelics, visionary art, art, creativity, and spirituality

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Commonly Asked Questions:

If you are interested in purchasing an original artwork from Jake Kobrin, original artworks are priced by size and priced at approximately $7 (USD) per square inch. This is based on the consistent market value that has been given to Jake's work by collectors who have purchased work at this price.

Common Sizes (in inches) and Prices are as follows:

  • 11x14 - $1200

  • 18x24 - $3333

  • 24x24 - $4000

  • 24x36 - $6000

  • 30x30 - $6666

  • 30x36 - $7777

  • 30x40 - $8500

  • 36x36 - $9000

  • 36x72 - $18,000

  • 44x66 - $20,000

If you are interested in seeing which works of art are available for purchase, please email info@jakekobrin.com .

For custom commission works, prices may vary from this depending on certain factors such as time, complexity, etc.

Mural pricing is dependant on the size and complexity of the mural, and begins at $14 USD per square foot.

Pricing can vary depending on certain factors which will be discussed by Jake and the client, and materials and housing may be asked to be included.

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