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Peer Reviewed

Politics and Political Economy

“From Backwaters to Major Policymakers: Policy Polarization in the States, 1970-2014” 2018. Perspectives on Politics 16(2): 416-435. (Coverage in Salon, Vox)

“The Effect of Mandatory Mail Ballot Elections in California” with Gabrielle Elul and Sean Freeder. 2017. Election Law Journal 16(3): 397-415.

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“Polluting Industries as Climate Protagonists? Cap and Trade and the Problem of Preferences” 2015. Business & Politics 17(4): 633-659.

Public Health

Hecht AA, Grumbach JM, Hampton KE, Hecht K, Braff-Guajardo E, Brindis CD, McCulloch CE, Patel AI. “Validation of a survey to examine drinking-water access, practices and policies in schools” 2017. Public Health Nutrition. 20(17):3068-74.

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Other Publications

"Same Day Registration Can Increase Voter Turnout." with Charlotte Hill. Data for Progress, October 2018.

"Why Today's Policy Action is Mostly at the State Level." SSN Key Findings, May 2018. Scholars Strategy Network.

"Politicians from Working-Class Families are More Likely to Support Policies to Expand Economic Opportunity." SSN Key Findings, April 2015. Scholars Strategy Network.

"San Francisco's Pioneering Health Program Shows That Local Governments Can Help All Working Families." SSN Basic Facts, November 2014. Scholars Strategy Network.

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