22 Gemstones Powder

22 Gemstones Powder

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"22 Gemstones powder" is 22 friction reduced gemstone powders, designed & combined in a recipe that boosts plants.


  • "Better Flavor & More Nutrition"
  • "Brighter Colors & More Flowers"
  • "Stronger Plants & Higher Yield"

When & Where:

Available now, on Amazon Prime

& will be vending at the Adam's Alliance MS Crop, March 2nd, 2019


Is planning a GoFundMe.com campaign to help spread the word, this spring.

Tested & Approved :

#22GP - page (under construction 01/03/2019)

Left: Miracle grow, Right: Miracle grow + 22 Gemstone Powder

Look for discounts on bulk powder from our upcoming GoFundme fundraiser!

How does it do it?

Polymorphs...friction reduction caused molecular bond bending?

energy bending...light, electricity, and how many other energies are effected by crystals?

mineral supplement... dirt from 22 other places around the globe.

Where can I find it?

Find pictures, video, and more content on Amazon.com page, and my Kickstarter Fundraiser

Or email me directly at: jdowney9000@gmail.com