Jacob Bingham


I like to program for fun. I am relatively good at writing GLSL. I also like C/C++ and Python. Java is cursed and you will never see me touch it! I have some really cool things I have made with ShaderToy.


I love Science and Astronomy.

An Image of the Orion Nebula


I love imaging the night sky and imagining what it's like if I could be there. There is so many amazing objects! The images on this page are all images I took, except for the Eagle Nebula from ESO.

An Image of the Pinwheel Galaxy

Pinwheel Galaxy

An Image of a dark part of the night sky

Milky Way?

An Image of the Pleiades


An Image of a Radio Astronomy Spectrogram

My best results yet, the peaks are most likely RFI though...

Radio Astronomy

I have yet to detect the Hydrogen Line, however I am somewhat close. I like to use the software VIRGO for observations.

Space Engine

I am a proud owner of Space Engine and SE Pro. Check it out here: http://spaceengine.org/


I have a YouTube Channel, and try produce quality content. I upload whenever I feel like it.