German style, 8-string Scheitholt, without electric. Comes with tuning wrench and custom padded soft case.


German style, 8-string Scheitholt, with electric. Comes with tuning wrench and custom padded soft case.


Solid cherry double dulcimer stand with adjustable slide supports to fit most dulcimer sizes and shapes.


Solid cherry Single Dulcimer Stand with  adjustable supports to fit most dulcimer designs and shapes.


Adjustable Dulcimer CAPOs. Variety of wood types available.


My Woodworking History


Hobby or Job

I initially started my woodworking projects for the fun and joy of being creative. I love to build, I love working with wood, and I love creating minutures. I also love music, the outdoors, and the water. My hobby quickly grew into a full-time job as my orders increased. I also found myself providing more design variations than I had originally intended. I built Dulcimers, flutes, and dulcimer accessories; stands, capos, and other miscellaneous items. 

After 18 years, 700 dulcimers, 2,000 flutes, 1,000 stands, and 2,000 capos, I decided to turn my business back into a hobby. I eliminated my financial overhead, and maintenance, and decided to build what i wanted, when I wanted.

 I am very proud of the work I have done, and very happy for the wonderful people I have met. I hope to continue those relationships, and will use this website to take orders for the limited number of items I have listed.

Tnank you,

Jack Ferguson

Jack Ferguson Designs

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