Art Studio

Walk In's are always welcome!

Check for updates, weather/closings

Summer camp and no school days!

Stop in anytime during Studio Hours!

Ceramic pumpkins - Made to Order!

Customized! Order NOW and paint in September

Art Classes for Adults (Please Contact the Studio)

Tech Out

Help keep our climate creative by silencing your phones or leaving them in the car!

Use your time at the studio to help detach from devices to let your creativity flow...enjoy it...

without technical distraction, or distracting others.

(A catch here is when you want to take a photo, or to look something up for inspirations, etc... we get it, but other than that, please take us seriously. If you are working from an image, you could print it out at home and bring it with you.)

Keep Posted for Christmas in July!

Click here to see if your tree is ready!

Ladies Night

Make it a Date Night!

Spend time together painting skills necessary!

Please help to develop and schedule more classes!!!!

ex. times / days / topics you are interested in / groups ...let us know what you are looking for!!!

Studio Memberships are not necessary, but are beneficial!

About the Owner

Jewelry Making

Next Date: TBA

with Guest Jewelry Designer Rachel Bertoni (Bertoni Gallery, Warwick)

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