Tournament Rules

Each Team Captain and all team members are expected to know and follow the following rules and regulations:

  1. Each team will select a “captain” to determine the flip of the coin for possession of the palino.
  2. The palino must be thrown past the center line to be determined a legal throw, otherwise it must be re-thrown. If a second is also illegal, the palino will be given to the opposing team.
  3. If one team smashes the palino out of the court the round will be re-started and all balls and the palino will be sent back to same side it was thrown out from in that frame.
  4. Any ball(s) that lands (or is struck) out of bounds will not count in the round. These are considered dead balls and will not be counted in the round.
  5. If a wrong ball is tossed, the ball will remain in play (court). The referee will place the proper color ball in the exact location of the wrong color ball. Make sure it’s your team’s turn to throw a ball.
  6. All games in the winner bracket will be up to sixteen (16) points. All games in the loser bracket will be up to twelve (12) points.
  7. In case of a tie in measuring for a point, the team that rolled the ball last creating the tie will continue to roll until the original point is beat.
  8. No player can go passed the white court markers to throw a ball, except for striking, and then no more than two (2) steps past the marker. The markers are eight (8) feet from the end boards, giving a player plenty of maneuvering room. If the referee judges “intentional,” the ball will be removed from the court and any balls affected by the violation will be placed in their previous approximate location.
  9. Game substitution can be done anytime during a game but once you exit a game you may not re-enter.
  10. Each team must have at least four (4) players from the team roster in order to play a legal game; if not the team must forfeit the game. Each player will throw one ball.
  11. Players with ball in hand who have not made their approach shot can walk down the court to view palino and balls. However they are not permitted to pass the half court line. The half court line is the scoreboard. After your approach shot, you must step off the court, the only person permitted on the court is the referee for measuring. If these rules are violated we will give a verbal warning first. If the problem persists the ball(s) in measurement of the team violating the rules will be considered dead and taken off the court.
  12. Referees upon request will measure any and all balls from inside the palino to inside the questioned ball.
  13. If your team is not present when the game is called for play, your team will automatically be forfeited.