Dedicated to Student Success

In my solutions focused and student centered school counseling practice I help students work towards success, frequently collaborate with administrators and teachers, create and deliver school-wide and classroom guidance programming, and connect with community stakeholders to provide students the resources they need to succeed. I have received invaluable experience working with a highly diverse group of students, and I am confident in my abilities to communicate and connect with students, parents, and staff. 

I have worked in education and with community organizations across the globe. I came to School Counseling after a career working in educational program development in museums. What I most loved about working in museums was the ability to connect with people, to help them to understand meaning and engage in dialogue about different cultures and contexts. I especially loved working on educational projects, collaborating with teachers and students to learn and grow

I am the mother to a first-grade firecracker and we love to hike, explore new places, and cook new foods.