and other examples of my work

J Griffith resume (2023).pdf

Interactive School Programming

Anti-Bullying : Episode 1

Episode 1 (of 5) for Student Council
project about harmful effects of bullying
(I serve as the Student Council Staff Advisor)

Interactive Bulletin Board
for students and staff 

People could play BINGO by placing a school logo on one of these kindness actions they had demonstrated that day.

I created this 3D tree directly outside the Counseling office, which in a high traffic area directly next to the main Middle School entrance and can be seen by students, staff, and visitors.  

Many of my Whole School Counseling Themes (anti-bullying, friends and relationships, goal setting, etc.) involved multi-grade participation in changing the tree throughout the school year. 

Start of School-
Best Wishes for Our New Year

Love Yourself-
Each of Us a Snowflake,
Beautiful and Unique

Unity Day-
Our Pledges of Unity Against Bullying

Dare to Bloom-
What will you become?

Guidance and Counseling Lessons

Classroom Guidance_ Rumors & Gossip.pdf
Coping Skills.docx.pdf

Small group for 7th graders, focusing on developing strong coping skills 

Conflict Management Part 1.pdf

This lesson was further developed for online learning, using EdPuzzle to create an interactive narrative video 

Resources for Adult Stakeholders & Professional Development

Copy of Resource Project (Z.N. & J.S.G.).pdf

Resources to help stakeholders working with gifted students. 

Middle School Transitions.pdf

Helping middle school students cultivate healthy and positive relationships

Previous Career in Museums: The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (ithra)

Interactive museum exhibit I created

My contributions to the Energy Exhibit included research, exhibit development and installation, sustainable resource creation, and community outreach programming.

ithra is a first of its kind cultural keystone, located in the Dammam, the largest city in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province. It is home to multiple galleries, showcasing Middle Eastern Art, Saudi Arabian and Arabic culture, the natural history of the Arabian Peninsula, Innovations in Energy, and a Children's Museum where visitors young and old can interact with an array of exciting opportunities through interactive play-based experiences including exhibitions, classes, and workshops.