Welcome to IXLAB

  • IXLAB (Interaction & eXperience Lab) in the Department of Human Computer Interaction, College of Computing, Hanyang University ERICA is founded to define, design, and engineer better human-system interactions/interfaces by taking into account usersā€™ needs (physical, cognitive, and affective factors) as well as other stakeholders' needs. Thus, IXLAB (re)defines diverse interactive products/systems (e.g., comfortable, convenient, satisfactory, usable, efficient, effective, pleasurable, delightful) in order to improve user experience (UX). ā€˜Iā€˜ in IXLAB stands for innovative, intuitive, insightful, intelligent, or inclusive interaction/interface.

  • Research Areas: Human Factors Engineering and UX for Display, Mobility, and Product X

  • Application Areas: Smart Devices, TVs, Monitors, VR, Automobiles, and New Products (Foldable/Rollable Display Devices, E-mirrors, etc.)

Research Highlights

Monitor UX & Display Curvature (Applied Ergonomics)

New System Evaluation: Automatic Bore Cleaner (HFEMSI)

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