The International workshop on Machine Learning and Blockchain for Smart Society(MLBSS-2022)

in conjunction with The 23rd International Conference on Distributed Computing & Networking (ICDCN 2022)

ICDCN is a premier international conference dedicated to addressing advances in Distributed Computing and Communication Networks. Over the years, it has become a leading forum for disseminating the latest research results in these fields. The 23rd edition of this conference will be held in a historical city, Delhi. MLBSS 2022 workshop is co-located with ICDCN 2022.

The scope of this workshop will cover relevant research focusing on the incorporation and use of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and blockchain to support and enhance smart transportation, smart grid, safety applications, smart homes, smart city and smart healthcare solutions.

  • The workshop invites academia, research professionals, industry and government entities to submit:

  • Original research papers on blockchain and AI/ML based smart healthcare system, intelligent transportation, smart grid, safety applications, smart homes.

  • Demos (hands-on or videos) of testbeds/experiences/proof of concepts/prototype of blockchain and AI/ML based systems.

  • Mathematical foundations for AI/ML and blockchain based solutions

  • High assurance security architectures for smart society applications

  • Blockchain based security and privacy solutions for smart society

  • AI/ML based risk assessment approaches

  • Identity and access management using AI/ML approaches

  • Trust management for smart society

  • Human factors and blockchain based security for development of smart society

  • Intrusion and anomaly detection for smart society applications

  • Decision making and reinforcement learning for smart society applications

  • Efficient, scalable processing of huge amount of data in smart society.