I, Too, Sing America

Welcome to Michigan Opera Theatre's I, Too, Sing America! This special web series integrates music, video, oral history, monologue, and poetry to illustrate the trailblazing achievements of African American artists and athletes. These powerful performances examine stories from the worlds of arts and sports, and the many important “firsts” from artists and athletes of color who paved the way for integration. For grades 9-12.

I, Too, Sing America Classroom Curriculum:

I, Too, Sing America Classroom Curriculum:
History / Social Studies

I, Too, Sing America

Written and directed by Chris Jakob

Starring Aja Dier, Branden Hood, and Olivia Johnson
with piano accompaniment by Alvin Waddles

Original Poetry by jessica Care moore

Video/Projections by Eric Longs

Costume Design by Suzanne Hanna

Filmed and edited by Comet Interactive

Commissioned and produced by Michigan Opera Theatre


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