Projekti i reference

Neki od naših partnera.

Cleaning up the mess @ Stup, Sarajevo

My Crew @ work - AS MEDIA

Big brother over IP

Tiny but powerful

Level up - optical fiber

GS1 Conference 2016 @ Radon Plaza Hotel - Sarajevo

Speed os reliability 0 or 0+1

The one to build up @ IT COMPUTERS

Prep new office for my colleague @ Stamal

Where to start!!! At the end

I caught a Ubiquiti PowerBeam 5AC 500 flying saucer,

and put it on roof @ Polje (Kreševo)

Prep for work on quarry

Dental Centar Markovic Conference room @ Dental Centar Markovic

Bosnian Holidays 2015

Another one bites the dust


B-Tim 2018 @ Stup, Sarajevo

Implementation of basic video surveillance

Al Diyar HQ Designe Office @ Ilidza, Federation Of Bosnia And Herzegovina, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Al Diyar RE - 2016

Radovi na gradilištu...

One by one, here we go again!

Još jedan radni dan :)