Adaptive AI Traffic Lights

Our Vision

Using the power of AI algorithms, providing real time adaptive traffic light management solution to maximize intersection capabilities.

Each one of us had a idle moment, waiting at an intersection and seeing inadequate traffic light timing allocation.

Today's traffic lights are primitive, without adjustment ability to the intersection properties in real time.

INRIX institute provides concerning facts about the situation, that Berlin has an average speed of 17 KM/H, in London the average person lost 178 yearly hours, and USA congestion cost the county 87$ billion.

While every year new cars are going up to the roads (340K cars/year in Israel), facing the limitations of building new roads (60 KM new roads/year in Israel), the problem is exponentially growing, with limited solution range.

Real-Time Traffic Congestion Pattern Recognition

Base on real data, as part as our POC in Israel.

Recognize -> Respond -> Prevent

Real-Time Accident Pattern Recognition

Recognize -> Respond -> Prevent


Together with Israel National Roads, ITC currently building its first intersection. The world demand is increasing while the range of the solutions to the problem growth is limited, new solution of smart management should be provided. Using worldwide connections we established, we aiming to go global by the end of 2019.

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