Tantra Therapy Treatment - Breathing, Touch, Meditation!
We perform traditional tantric massage, a technique from ancient India.
The treatment is carried out by a certified therapist in the field of Tantra.
The tantric massage is a traditional technique, a full-body massage with deep holotropic breaths, Ayurvedic oil, including Lingam massage which is a genital organ massage - what was referred to in ancient India as sexual reflexology.
The treatment begins with a Tantra ceremony involving yoga poses and Kama Sutra, accompanied by deep breaths, deep and close hugs with the therapist, where the patient experiences a deep trance, with his sexual energy and a prolonged and continuous therapeutic stimulation of the whole body.
Then, it transitions to mutual full nudity along with the therapist and the tantric massage.
The entire treatment lasts about an hour or an hour and a half in a dark, enclosed room, with candles, binaural music, special incense, on a tantric mattress.

This session has a ceremonial and therapeutic nature of the highest order.
All elements used are therapeutic tools with a beneficial effect on the patient's mind and body.

Tantra therapy sessions absolutely exclude any form of sexual interaction and services.
Tantra therapy sessions are wellness treatments aimed at calming the mind, balancing sensations and emotions, healing the body, and improving the patient's sexual energy.

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