Joint Israeli Probability Seminar

Welcome to the Joint Israeli Probability Seminar (JIPS) web page.

The probability groups in Israel are holding a joint seminar over Zoom. The purpose of the seminar is to bring together researchers from around the globe studying various aspects of probability theory.

The seminar meets online bi-weekly on Mondays. The standard time is 10-11 Israel time but this is sometimes changed to accommodate speakers from different time zones.

All talks are accessible via the Zoom link:

All talks are recorded (given approval from the speakers) and the links are available here or in the Youtube channel.

To join the mailing list, please request here.

Talk Schedule is available in the public calendar below.

Organizing committee:

Omer Bobrowski - Technion

Naomi D. Feldheim - Bar Ilan University

Ohad N. Feldheim - Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Eliran Subag - Weizmann Institute of Science

Ron Peled - Tel Aviv University

Eviatar B. Procaccia - Technion

Ariel Yadin - Ben-Gurion University of the Negev