Why should I be a Service Learning Facilitator (SLF)?

Service Learning is an exciting program that has been piloted for Waco ISD at Indian Spring Middle School. We need your help to help this program spread!

In 2018-2019, we will be in our fourth year of service learning! So far, we've accomplished things like:

  • PSAs for blood and organ donations
  • Donations to the Waco VA Medical Center
  • Bacteria swaps of campus locations to inform students and staff of the importance of hand-washing and continuous cleaning
  • Made and tested fidgets (which we were able to use for STAAR testing!)

Benefits to the Service Learning Facilitator (SLF)

· SLFs gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping a student

· SLFs gain interpersonal skills

· SL promotes deeper understanding of student and societal perspectives

Benefits to the Students

· Exposes students to a positive role model

· Promotes a growth mindset

· Helps students to focus on their future and their roles as active citizens in a community

· Exposes students to new experiences and people from diverse cultural, socio-economic, and professional backgrounds

· Provides students with attention and a concerned friend

· Encourages emotional and social growth

· Fosters increased confidence and self-esteem

What do past SLFs have to say about their experience?

What went really well?

"The interactions with myself, the students, and their care, admiration, and appreciation of the garden"

"When the girls were making something they were much more likely to attend and were excited about being there "

"When the kids had more creativity, they had more fun. One day we painted a bucket and the kids were so excited, had more interest, and were more on top of their work. "

"The girls were very interested in the experiments and really enjoyed learning, especially when engaging in "experiments" rather than "demonstrations". They enjoyed getting to come up with their own variables and research questions. "

What did you learn from your service learning experience?

"I learned about some of the current struggles of middle school students and obstacles they face and especially in this part of the district. "

"That a lot of kids that don't have guidance are being shaped by their peers. "

"From all of the service learning groups, I learned more about the impact that our students can have on the community (not just the impact that we as leaders can have on our students). "

"I really enjoyed getting to engage with the Waco community as a Baylor student. I learned a lot about the girls and the families that they come from. I learned how beneficial it is to participate in a program like this while in college, and I would highly recommend becoming a service learning facilitator to any Baylor student. "

I'm interested! How do I start?

Note for BIC "Social World I" Students- You will need to complete the application process with Dr. Paul Carron and Dr. Emily Glass first (BIC Student Application)

To get started:

After Travis contacts you if you're a good fit, complete the following:

  • Go to https://teams.wacoisd.org/volunteer/EntryPointHomeAction.do and complete the Waco ISD Volunteer Application (old applications are cleared on August 1st and must be completed every school year)
  • Download each of the documents listed below. Be sure to open the presentation in PowerPoint because some features will not work properly otherwise. Complete the worksheet and then submit to Travis.Cheatham@wacoisd.org
          • NOTE: the SL-AS Training Manual should be viewed as a reference; don't worry about memorizing all of the details, the objective of this document is to serve a guide for general program questions, as well as, a source for sample activities etc.

How can I learn more?