Ishtiaque Fazlul

Economics PhD Candidate, Georgia State University

I am a PhD candidate in Economics from Georgia State University and am currently in the job market. I work as a graduate research assistant for the Georgia Policy Labs (GPL), a collaboration between Georgia State University and a number of government agencies and school districts to promote evidence-based policy development. I will be available for interviews in APPAM and SEA in November 2019 and at ASSA in January 2020.

I am an applied microeconomist working on topics related to child health and education. Some of the current research topics I am working on include the intergenerational health effects of education, the effects of school-based universal pre-K on educational and discipline outcomes, and the determinants of Advanced Placement (AP) course and exam-taking behavior.

Prior to the PhD program, I worked for Innovations for Poverty Action as a research associate on several academic research projects. Before that, I received a Master's and an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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