Ishak Mohammed, MSc, MCRP

FHI 360

Ishak Mohammed, MSc, MCRP, is an international development, energy and environmental policy enthusiast with over 4 years of research experience in areas related to sustainable development, climate finance, urban sustainability, energy market research and impact investing. Mohammed is currently a Research Intern in the Chief Science Office (CSciO) at FHI 360. He provides research support that helps advance the quality of science across the organization and promotes the generation and use of evidence across projects.

Prior to joining FHI 360, Mohammed worked at the United Nation’s Green Climate Fund, headquartered in South Korea, as a Renewable Energy Analyst Intern. In that role, he provided analytical and content development support relevant to the organization’s result area of Energy Access and Power Generation.

Mohammed previously held research roles at the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia, and the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, where he initiated and collaborated with professors on different research projects cutting across topical areas of climate change, sustainable development, urban sustainability, social housing and smart growth policies. Mohammed is fluent in English and speaks Kotokoli, Twi and Hausa.