Markham Ward 8 Councillor Isa Lee

Hosted Forum to Explain Regulations Regarding Extended Driveways and Rooming Houses

April 29, 2024 – Markham, ON —Markham Ward 8 Councillor Isa Lee hosted a successful forum “Community Connect: Understanding Markham’s Regulations” on April 24 at the Milliken Mills Community Centre in a bid to help residents better understand City by-laws. Attended by close to 80 residents, the event saw active participation from three pivotal City departments — Building Standards, By-laws, and Fire — who delivered informative presentations on topics ranging from extended driveways to rooming houses and basement apartments/second suites.

The forum provided a platform for residents to engage directly with representatives from the City departments, fostering a meaningful dialogue on matters of significant importance to the community. Among the distinguished guests was Fire Chief Chris Nearing, whose presence underscored the City's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

Councillor Lee expressed her gratitude to all participants for their enthusiastic engagement and invaluable contributions to the discussions, adding, “Many residents either have or are considering renting out parts of their homes to supplement their expenses, but they often lack a full understanding of the relevant by-laws and fire regulations. Sometimes, they receive fines or violation notices without fully comprehending the situation. I believe that the knowledge shared tonight will enable residents to make informed decisions and effectively address these issues.”

The presentations delivered by the City departments provided attendees with essential insights into various regulatory aspects, while the Q&A sessions allowed for a robust exchange of ideas and concerns. 

As the forum concluded, attendees left with a deeper understanding of current regulations. Councillor Lee urged the public to consult with the City before making any changes to their homes or driveways to avoid violating by-laws. She reiterated her commitment to educating and updating residents on the latest regulations. 

City of Markham Budget 2024

A focus on taxpayers, affordability and community priorities

MARKHAM, ON – January 29, 2024 – Today, Mayor Frank Scarpitti presented A Strong Markham: Budget 2024 of $590.5M, continuing its proven track record of strong fiscal leadership. This year’s responsible budget acknowledges the challenges our community is facing, while ensuring we continue to deliver excellent quality services that residents and businesses have come to expect both now and into the future. 

The budget was designed to reinforce a strong city for both residents and businesses. It includes a property tax rate increase of 2.99%. This represents an increase of $39.98 on the City portion of the tax bill for the average home in Markham. Markham continues to have the lowest average tax rate increase in the GTA over 19 consecutive years. For seniors, the new Low-Income Seniors Property Tax Assistance Program demonstrates how Markham is supporting low-income seniors to stay healthy and aging in place.  

“We continue to operate as an efficient government and we are proud of our fiscal management, while never compromising the high standard of service we enjoy,” said Mayor Frank Scarpitti. “Markham continues to flourish as a forward-thinking community, and we have created a strong and responsible budget rooted in sound investment and a record of fiscal prudence. We continue to invest in new infrastructure, while maintaining our assets in a state of good repair. Budget 2024 supports important initiatives such as meeting the provincial target of building 44,000 homes over the next 10 years, while providing relief for a community grappling with higher costs of living. Together, we are always working for a strong Markham.”

Recognizing the financial realities residents face today, Markham’s Budget 2024 demonstrates a lean and efficient approach to prudent fiscal management. Maintaining assets in a good state of repair, while proactively planning for the future, ensures the City is:

Incorporating leading-edge technology to modernize systems and services ($5.8M for systems and technology infrastructure)

Taking positive steps towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 ($1.8M in green initiatives and environmental strategies)

Markham residents and business owners are proud of our city. Our community survey told us that over 90% of residents are satisfied with their quality of life in Markham and close to 80% believe they get good value from the City for their tax dollar.

This year’s budget continues Markham’s efforts to streamline service delivery. From 2009 to 2024, the City’s Excellence through Efficiency and Effectiveness (E3) Program will have delivered $35.6M in annual operating savings, equal to a tax rate increase avoidance of 28.12%.

As part of the City’s ongoing efforts for budget transparency, a Public Meeting has been scheduled for Budget 2024 on February 15 at 7PM.  


Very excited to have our 1st @carefirstseniors Community Clinic at Hagerman Corners Community Housing #markhamward8 . The team has nurse practitioners coming in every other Friday to take patients from the residence and appointments are all full for the day!

Thrilled to have spent a wonderful morning with our beloved seniors at Markham Mon Sheong Court @monsheong , sharing heartwarming conversations and spreading the spirit of giving.