Work in progress

Economic conditions and physical pain: evidence from over-the-counter painkillers (job market paper)

When do women learn they are pregnant? The introduction of clinics and pregnancy uncertainty in Nepal (with Rebecca Thornton)

The mechanisms underlying the decline in fertility during the Zika epidemic in Brazil

Migration and family planning use in Nepal (with Akito Kamei and Rebecca Thornton)

The effect of presidential election outcomes on alcohol drinking (with Rodrigo Schneider)

Published work

The Impacts of Business Support Services for Small and Medium Enterprises on Firm Performance in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review. Campbell Systematic Reviews 12, no. 1, 2016 (with Piza, C, T. Cravo, L. Taylor, L. Gonzalez, I. Furtado, A. Sierra, and S. Abdelnour)

The profile of individuals with a professional degree in Brazil (Perfil dos indivíduos que cursam educação profissional no Brasil). Economia e Sociedade (UNICAMP), v. 22, p. 237-262, 2013 (with Ana Flavia Machado)