Singapore Flyer Tour for the Migrant Workers

We are delighted to continue our 2021 initiative in giving our migrant brother workers a very special day out. Despite toiling through sun and rain to construct our country's buildings and infrastructure, they have never had an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful downtown area from high up in the sky!

ItsRainingRaincoats (IRR) is working closely with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Ministry of Manpower Assurance, Care and Engagement group (MOM ACE) to provide special rides on the Singapore Flyer for migrant workers on Sundays through the year before the attraction opens to the general public. They picked up with chartered buses from their dormitories and are provided with drinks and snacks. Your generous support has collectively benefitted over 16,000 workers and counting!

Thanks to the generosity in 2021 of public donations of Singapore Rediscover Vouchers, and now ongoing corporate donations. We have been able to raise close to 49,000 tickets including a 1.5:1 match pledged by the Singapore Flyer. This accounts for almost 3% of the total migrant workers in Singapore, leaving a large gap that still needs to be fulfilled.

Corporate Sponsorship

Every year, a growing number of companies and organisations reach out to us, looking for programmes to deepen their corporate social responsibility commitments and offering their employees meaningful volunteering opportunities to give back to less fortune groups.

If your company/organisation is looking to collaborate with IRR or would like to find out more about how to potentially get involved and contribute to our initiative, please email us at

You can help us by sponsoring bus rides and snacks/drinks for the workers during our Singapore Flyer excursions, or by joining in as volunteers to help us manage the sessions on Sundays.

Individual Donations

Thanks to our many donors, we have 30,000 tickets for migrant workers to ride on the Singapore Flyer throughout 2022. IRR would like your help in hiring buses to safely bring the workers from their dormitories to the Flyer.

Employers who can provide buses for their teams have been kindly doing so, but there are many smaller groups of workers that are unable to receive this support and we do not want them to be excluded.

Please support our excursion in allowing our migrant workers to enjoy a well-deserved morning out after two years of restricted movements. Let's show our appreciation!

Kindly visit our fundraiser at

Volunteer With Us!

Have some spare time on a Sunday ?

We are always looking for volunteers to help out on Sundays at the Singapore Flyer as we accompany the migrant workers on their joyful day out.

If you have some spare time and want to enjoy a day of interacting with workers and other volunteers, we would love to welcome you in joining us! Please email us at or join our WhatsApp group here to receive updates on our events and activities.

Thank you for your kind support to our migrant worker brothers!

Thank you for your support to the Migrant Worker Community!