Market Design

Dynamic Matching in School Choice: Efficient Seat Reassignment After Late Cancellations

Itai Feigenbaum, Yash Kanoria, Irene Lo & Jay Sethuraman, Minor Revision at Management Science.

The Cutoff Structure of Top Trading Cycles in School Choice

Jacob Leshno & Irene Lo, submitted. [online appendix]

Information Acquisition Costs of Matching Markets

Nicole Immorlica, Jacob Leshno, Irene Lo & Brendan Lucier, working paper.

Graph Theory

Coloring Square-Free Berge Graphs

Maria Chudnovsky, Irene Lo, Frédéric Maffray, Nicolas Trotignon & Kristina Vušković, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 135 (2019), 96-128.

The Extremal Function for Disconnected Minors

Endre Csóka, Irene Lo, Sergey Norin, Hehui Wu & Liana Yepremyan, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 126 (2017), 162-174.

Decomposing & Clique-Coloring (Diamond, Odd Hole)-Free Graphs

Maria Chudnovsky & Irene Lo, Journal of Graph Theory 86(1) (2017), 5-41.

Misère Hackenbush Flowers

Irene Lo, working paper.

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