Irene Lo

I am an assistant professor in the department Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University. My research is on designing matching markets and assignment processes to improve market outcomes, with a focus on public sector applications and socially responsible operations research. I also co-organize the Mechanism Design for Social Good research initiative with Rediet Abebe, Ana-Andreea Stoica, Francisco Marmolejo and Wanyi Li.

I am honored to be affiliated with the Stanford Golub Capital Social Impact Lab, the Stanford King Center for Global Development as well as the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. I was previously a postdoctoral fellow at the economics department at Stanford University, supervised by Al Roth. I obtained my Ph.D. from the IEOR department at Columbia University in 2018, under the supervision of Jay Sethuraman and Jacob Leshno, and graduated from Princeton University in 2013 with an A.B. in mathematics.

You can contact me at ilo [at] stanford [dot] edu.

Recent News

November 2020: I will be presenting my paper The Cutoff Structure of Top Trading Cycles in School Choice in the INFORMS Auctions and Market Design seminar session for winners of the 2020 Rothkopf Prize

November 2020: My paper The Cutoff Structure of Top Trading Cycles in School Choice is available online at Review of Economic Studies

September 2020: Privileged to work with LocalHarvest on this blog post on the experience of Farmers and Markets in the Pandemic

September 2020: Our presentation of our ongoing work with the San Francisco Unified School District to redesign their student assignment system is now available online.

August 2020: MD4SG'20 was a huge success with over 700 participants from over 50 countries!

July 2020: My student Wanyi Li was one of the winners of the Global Challenges in Economics and Computation (GCEC) Request for Proposals. Congratulations Wanyi!

June 2020: Excited to be part of the MS&E Diversity and Inclusion Committee

May 2020: My paper Dynamic Matching in School Choice: Efficient Seat Reassignment after Late Cancellation is available online at Management Science

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