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Note about references and external links on this website

Where we have referenced or shared content from other authors/lecturers on our website, then it is an indication that we are in agreement with that particular content. It should not be assumed that we have reviewed any other material produced by the said authors/lecturers or that we vouch for any other views held by them.

About Us

    1. We believe in one God, who has many beautiful names, one of them is Allāh. God has no gender; there is nothing like God. Therefore, the use of the pronoun “He” should not be misunderstood to denote gender.
      We believe in Allāh, in how He has described Himself in His Book (the Qur'ān) and in how His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) has described Him, without distorting, denying and without shaping or questioning His attributes. Allāh is All-Truthful and His Speech prevails over the speech of His creation.
      "Do not invent similitudes for Allāh; Indeed, Allāh knows and you know not." (Qur'ān, 16:74)
      Below are verses (from the Qur’ān) where Allāh has informed His creation about His attributes:

        • "There is none like Him; He is The All-Hearer, The All-Seer." (42:11)
          Thus, there is no similarity whatsoever between the Creator and His creation, in essence, attributes or actions.

        • "…He is Allāh The One, Allāh The Eternal. He never begot, nor was begotten. There is none comparable to Him." (112:1-4)

        • "He knows that which goes down into the earth and that which comes out from it; and that which descends from the heavens and that which ascends into it. He is The Merciful, The Forgiving." (34:2)

        • "Indeed, Allāh is The Provider, the firm possessor of strength." (51:58)

        • "And do good; Indeed, Allāh loves those who do good." (2:195)

        • "Act justly; Indeed, Allāh loves those who act justly." (49:9)

        • "Your Lord has prescribed for Himself Mercy." (6:54)

        • "He is The Forgiving, The Merciful." (10:107)

        • "Perfected is the Word of your Lord in Truth and Justice." (6:115)

        • "Allāh is the best Guardian, and He is The Most Merciful of those who show mercy." (12:64)

        • "Allāh is He Who raised the heavens without any pillars that you can see; Then He rose above Throne." (13:2)

        • "To Him good words ascend, and He elevates the pious deed." (35:10)

        • “Whoever Allāh wants to guide – He expands his breast to Islām; and whoever He wants to leave astray (due to the person’s arrogance and persistence in sin) - He makes his breast tight and constricted as though he were climbing into the sky." (6:125)

        • "Do you feel secure that He Who is in Heaven will not cause you to be swallowed up by the earth when it shakes? Or do you feel secure that He Who is in Heaven will not send against you a wind casting down pebbles from the sky? Then you would know how severe was My warning." (67:16-17)

        • "And yet, among the people are those who take other than Allāh as equals to Him. They love them as they should love Allāh But those who believe are stronger in love for Allāh And if only they who have wronged would consider that when they see the punishment, they will be certain that all power belongs to Allāh and that Allāh is severe in punishment." (2:165)

        • "…So worship Him and be steadfast in His worship. Do you know anyone who is similar to Him?" (19:65)

    2. We believe in angels, as Allāh has informed us about them. They worship Allāh faultlessly and carry out the duties assigned to them. Since angels, themselves, are worshiping servants of Allāh, therefore they must not be worshiped or called upon for help. As Allāh is The Creator, He has created a multitude of wonders that we can see, as well as a vast world of creation that is unseen and unknown to us.

    3. We believe in Allāh’s books; the final one being the Qur’ān, which has been unchanged since revelation and Allāh has guaranteed that its contents will be guarded from alteration. We believe in previous revelations, such as the Torah (revealed to Moses), Psalms (revealed to David) and Gospel (revealed to Jesus). However, the previous scriptures have not been preserved in their entirety; some are not even available in their original language. Remnant of Allāh’s words may still remain in those scriptures, however, all relevant guidance that is still applicable to mankind will be available in Allāh’s final revelation. "We have believed in Allāh and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we submit to Allāh." (Qur'ān, 3:84)

    4. We believe that Allāh communicated to mankind by sending prophets. Every nation had been sent a prophet, until finally Allāh sent His final prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the door of prophethood has thus been sealed. We have utmost respect for the companions of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who are our predecessors in faith.

    5. We believe that Allāh, who has created us in the first place, can and will resurrect us for judgement after we depart from this worldly life. Everyone will be judged according to their intentions and actions, and none shall be wronged. Allāh will deliver punishments to some, which is required of His Justice; whilst others will be covered by His Mercy. We hope and pray that we, and you dear reader, will be among those who receive Allāh’s Mercy and reward.

    6. We believe that Allāh's knowledge is all-encompassing and that He has written everything that will come to pass till the day of resurrection. Everything happens by Allāh's will and He has power over all things: what Allāh wills happens; what He does not will does not happen. Allāh created everything and there is no Creator besides Him and no Lord except Him.

This website was first published on July 2005.