iq pilot & iQ mobility


Are we ready for autonomous public transport?

Let´s check out how Stockholm could start running an autonomous bus line in its current public transport network.
We showcase our recent research findings on autonomous vehicle technology and fully autonomous public transport systems with focus on safety, flexibility, energy- and cost efficiency.

webinar essentials


Time: 10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:30


10:00 – 12:00 Live Webinar – overall demonstration and discussions

13:00 – 15:30 Live break-out sessions – deep dive in research themes

Place: Online event (Zoom)

We demonstrate and discuss the final results of two research projects: iQPilot and iQMobility.

The projects have been funded by Strategic vehicle research and innovation programme (FFI) and the research results are the joint efforts of Scania, Ericsson, INIT, Veoneer, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Örebro University.

We will share interim results in "AI for perception" as well from iQDeep, a related FFI funded project.

live webinar - 10:00 - 12:00

On the main stage we welcome our host Camilla Lood from Autonomous Solutions, Scania, George Dibben, project leader for iQ-Pilot, Scania and Jonatan Mossberg, project leader for iQ-Mobility, Scania. Together with other experts they will give you insights into the research results within the following themes:

1. Autonomous, Integrated Public Transport Systems

Erik Jenelius, Associate Professor, Head of Division of Transport planning, KTH

Hassan Jamil, Product Owner, Integration Portal, Autonomous Vehicles, Scania

Roxana Heß, Project Manager, INIT

2. Autonomous Bus in the System

George Dibben, Project Leader for iQ-Pilot, Scania

Laura Dal Col, Group Manager Perception and Research Engineer Situation Awareness, Scania

3. Remote Management of Autonomous Fleet

Anders Ställberg, Chief Product Owner, Autononomous Transport System Offboard, Scania

Martin Castor, PhD, R&D Specialist, Human System Effectiveness, GEISTT

4. 5G, Connectivity for Driverless Vehicles & beyond

Håkan Olofsson, Head of System Concepts Program, Ericsson and Co-Director,

George Dibben, Project Leader for iQ-Pilot, Scania

5. Perception and the Streets of Södertälje

Jonas Hammarström, Director Pre-Development Vision, Veoneer

Patricio Valenzuela, Product Owner, Perception, Scania

6. Automated Depot Management

João Salvado, PhD student in Computer Science, Örebro University

George Dibben, Project Leader for iQ-Pilot, Scania

To give a broader perspective of this topic and to discuss the development of autonomous transport systems during the final discussions we invite on our virtual stage Anna Pernestål, Director at Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and Ulf Ceder, Senior Research Manager, Transport Systems at Scania and Co-Director at ITRL as well.

live break-out sessions - 13:00 - 15:30

You can choose and switch between 4 sessions that goes into detailed technical demonstration of the research results and beyond:

iQPilot Technology, Motion and Command

  • Autonomous Vehicle Technology​
    Ulf Bjurström, Scania

  • HD Maps in Autonomous Driving &​ Landmark Based Localisation​
    Rohin Mohandas
    , Mansoureh Jesmani & Navid Mahabadi​, Scania

  • 5G, Connectivity for Driverless Vehicles & Beyond
    Håkan Olofsson
    , Ericsson

  • Mission and Motion Planning​
    Mahbub Kamaly
    , Scania

  • Vehicle Motion Controls​
    Henrik Pettersson​
    , Scania

iQPilot Perception and Situational Awareness

  • Dynamic Object Perception
    Bogdan Timus, Scania

  • Static Environment Perception
    Patricio Valenzuela
    , Scania

  • Stereo Camera Perception
    Jonas Hammarström
    , Veoneer

  • Situational Awareness
    Laura Dal Col
    , Scania

  • IQ Deep: AI and Deep Learning [for perception]
    Alireza Razavi
    , Scania

iQ Mobility

  • Transition Towards Fixed-Line Autonomous Bus Transportation Systems
    Erik Jenelius, KTH
    and Jonas Hatzenbühler, KTH

  • Autonomous and Integrated Public Transport systems
    Hassan Jamil, Scania and Roxana Heß
    , INIT

  • External HMI
    Adeliina Aho Tarkka
    , Scania

  • Remote management of autonomous fleets
    Anders Ställberg, Scania, and Martin Castor
    , GEISTT

  • Automated Depot Management
    João Salvado, Örebro University

Academic and Industrial PhD Student Presentations​

  • Towards Safe Decisions in Autonomous Driving
    Truls Nyberg
    , KTH

  • Shared Situational Awareness Using V2x
    Vandana Narri
    , KTH

  • Interpretable Trajectory Prediction and Uncertainty
    Joonatan Mäntteri
    , KTH

  • Heavy-duty Vehicle Modelling for AV Control
    Gonçalo Collares Pereira, KTH

  • Motion Planning for Buses in Urban Environment
    Rui Oliveira
    , KTH

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Projects in brief

iq pilot

This project has provided advances with vehicle automation technology that have allowed us to showcase a complete autonomous bus solution.

We demonstrate how an autonomous bus can be operated within an autonomous bus transport system and drive autonomously with respect to the road itself and other road users.

We also provide insight into the technical solutions that will allow us to drive autonomously in urban areas and showcase our efforts with perception out on the roads.

iq mobility

The project's main contribution is to showcase how an autonomous public transport can be efficiently utilized, both in terms of becoming more flexible in comparison to a man-driven network but also in being more cost- and energy-efficient.

A well-structured public transport system should be able to optimize its network based on parameters such as safety, user- and environmental-friendliness, traffic, cost, etc. and prioritize those bus lines that can be automated first in the current network.


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