Technical Program

Workshop Program:

Monday June 22nd, 2020

(All time slots are CEST)

Keynote (12:50)

12:50 - Welcome Note

13:00 - Keynote Talk, Topic: IoT on the Edge: Sensing and Computing in Urban Landscapes, Prof. Giovanni Pau

14:00 - Coffee break

Technical Session: IoT CrowdSensing for Smart Cities (14:30)

14:30 - Forecasting Crowd Distribution in Smart Cities (Alket Cecaj, Marco Lippi, Marco Mamei, Franco Zambonelli)

15:00 - Implementation of a Low-cost Weather Station Developed in Design-based Learning Framework (Andrea Antonini, Luca Bini, Gabriele Rafanelli, Ilaria Cantini)

15:30 - Optimizing the Energy Envelope in the Internet of Things using Predictive Cubic Splines (Saibal Ghosh, Dharma P. Agrawal)

16:00 - Design, Implementation, and Deployment of TempMesh: A Wireless Mesh Network to Aggregate River-Temperature Data (Jingya Gao, Scott Burman, Gregory Pasternack, Nann Fangue, Dipak Ghosal)

16:30 - Farewell

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Giovanni Pau (University of Bologna)

  • Bio: Giovanni Pau is a full professor at the University of Bologna and he also serves as ATOS/Renault smart mobility Chair Professor at the Sorbonne Université, Paris France. He holds the Italian Laura in Computer Science and a PhD in Computer Engineering awarded by the University of Bologna in 1998 and 2002 respectively. Before joining UPMC, Dr. Pau was a Senior Research Scientist at the UCLA Computer Science Department. Dr. Pau’s core research interests are in Network Systems with a focus on Vehicular Networks and pervasive mobile sensor systems. He designed and built the UCLA campus vehicular testbed and the UCLA/MPI urban sensing testbed designed to enable hands-on studies on vehicular communications and urban sensing. His research contributions lead to the VERGILIUS and CORNER simulation suites designed to support mobility and propagation modeling in urban environments. More recently, Dr. Pau designed and developed VNDN the Named Data Network (NDN) protocol stack specifically adapted to work on mobile-to-mobile scenarios. Dr. Pau has published more than 80 papers in International Conferences and Archival Journals. His work on vehicular networks has been widely cited by the community and reported on in the general media including BBC Radio, Discovery Channel, The Guardian, Wired, Corriere della Sera, and the Italian National Television.