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Being the premier private investigator operating in Birmingham fast accurate solutions are guaranteed. No matter how complex or small or your problem is, or whether it's personal or commercial, we can deal with it. With expert private detectives from a range of cultural backgrounds we understand the diverse needs of the people of Birmingham and will take time to understand every situation so we can work out the best way to help you.

The high level of professionalism and efficiency adopted by all our specialist investigators sets our Birmingham detective agency above others and our attention to detail ensures error free results.

You can rely on us to take time to understand your problem and you can talk to one of our friendly male or female Birmingham investigators, depending on your preference, and they will put you at ease so you feel comfortable discussing your situation. We can help you now if you have worries you can't deal with so make that call.

Location: Temple Passage, Birmingham, B2 5BN

Directions from these locations: Moseley Hall Hospital, Asda Queslett Superstore, George Eliot Hospital, Lichfield Cathedral School, Mallory Park Racing Circuit (Real Motorsport Ltd)

Why Hire Private Investigator Birmingham?

When you contact a private detective at our Birmingham agency we'll listen carefully to the information you choose to share with us, as the more detail we have the more effectively we can look into your case and advise on the most appropriate course of action for your circumstances. We have specialist investigators operating throughout Birmingham and the surrounding area to address every type of investigation whether it be business related or personal.

As we use the most sophisticated modern methods and devices to gather evidence, which give prompt results, we can resolve your problem quickly, which keeps costs to a minimum. We employ ethical techniques in our Birmingham private investigations to ensure that the dignity and privacy of everyone who uses our services is protected, whatever the problem.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A Private Investigator in Birmingham, West Midlands?

Private detective charges and the cost of engaging a private detective are determined by the intentions you might need to engage a private detective in Birmingham West Midlands.

With proficient services some of which are surveillance costs starting from £45.00 per hour, fraud investigation in Birmingham West Midlands from £50 per hour and Matrimonial Investigations from £45.00 per hour an inexpensive, viable resolution for your case is at your disposal at Birmingham Private Investigators.

Hourly costs may vary owing to your case or location, for instance, a surveillance at £45.00 per hour entails additional labour because of the circumstances. Consequently, the price per hour is increased to support the extra payment. Another example is a process serve where after three visits, at a rate of £95.00, because of the absence of the accused papers have not been successfully delivered, an additional charge will be acquired.

How Much Does a Matrimonial Investigation Cost in Birmingham, West Midlands?

Costs for a Matrimonial Investigation in Birmingham West Midlands start from £45.00 per hour and will aid you to uncover the reality of your situation.

The number of hours required for a Matrimonial Investigation may be cut down if you have information that can rapidly prove your spouse is guilt-free. A Matrimonial Investigation package can be created to suit the conditions of your case in Birmingham West Midlands.

What Does a Lie Detector Test Cost in Birmingham, West Midlands?

The price of a lie detector test in Birmingham West Midlands starts at no more than £399.00 and can offer tranquillity.

Costs are decreased if more than one person is taking a lie detector test on the exact day and at the exact location. A lie detector test can be organised in your own home and prices cover a pre-exam consultation with the examiner.

How Much Does Surveillance Cost in Birmingham, West Midlands?

Surveillance can be conducted in Birmingham West Midlands staring at the cost of £45.00 per hour, and hinging on the number of agents needed charges will vary.

Costs and charges will also be influenced by factors such as the number of hours involved and any specialised equipment needed. Reasonably priced economical surveillance packages incorporate a full report that is well demonstrated and backed by photographic and video proofs.

What is the Price of a Corporate Investigation in Birmingham, West Midlands?

The cost of engaging a private detective for a Corporate Investigation is a fixed charge of £75.00 per hour.

To engage a private detective charges will be conditioned by many elements such as workforce, equipment and duration, all of which can alter the costs either up or down. We have excellent sources of information, and our services are highly efficient, reasonably priced and totally private and reliable.

Our Private Investigators Services

Birmingham Private Investigators is aware of the allegations of theft in Birmingham might be hard both for the accused and for the accuser.

False accusations of robbery from work in Washford can cause devastation, especially when you are aware that you are innocent.

Birmingham Private Investigators can assist you with a misconstrued charge of robbery from work in Washford.

Agreeing to take a Lie Detector Exam at the company where you work in Washford can confirm that you are not guilty.

A Lie Detector exam for robbery taken at your residence in Morton Bagot will prove your innocence to the ones who accused you.

A Birmingham Private Investigators Corporate Lie Detector Test may be a fast method in order to discover the facts of a circumstance at work in Studley.

Accusations of robbery at work in Studley need to be addressed with hurry and legal practice.

Birmingham Private Investigators offers Company Lie Detector Exam based in Birmingham that helps you to find out the truth and confirm details.

False staff member sick time in Washford and robbery of corporation supplies are examples of investigations that Birmingham Private Investigators can perform in West Midlands.

Accusations of Adultery in Birmingham could be destroyed with a Matrimonial Lie Detector Test in Birmingham.

In case you are wondering if your partner is being unfaithful in Morton Bagot.

Your companion thinks that you are cheating in Washford.

Birmingham Private Investigators can assist you by offering a Matrimonial Lie Detector Test in Birmingham.

A Birmingham Private Investigators Matrimonial Lie Detector Test in Birmingham will provide a fast and honest answer to the questions you might have.

VIP security services provided by Birmingham Private Investigators in Birmingham for clients who are well known to the public.

Stars at times find it hard to move about conveniently within West Midlands and require the assistance of Birmingham Private Investigators VIP Security Services in Birmingham.

Birmingham Private Investigators VIP Security Services provides a shield, assistance and local Knowledge to VIP's travelling to and attending an occasion in West Midlands.

Birmingham Private Investigators employees not only safeguard their VIP they also provide the total package of taking care of them in every situation in West Midlands.

Birmingham Private Investigators Private Security in Birmingham is accessible for various conditions in and around West Midlands.

Whether it is Private Security for you or your belongings, Birmingham Private Investigators professional private investigators can assist in safeguarding you.

If you have discovered yourself in a potentially risky situation in Birmingham through your work or private life Birmingham Private Investigators is available for you.

Contact Birmingham Private Investigators when illegal waste disposal on your land has turned into a costly disturbance, or you have to eject travellers from a field you possess in Birmingham.

Event Security Services in Birmingham from Birmingham Private Investigators are highly skilled and undertaken by our professional private investigators.

From Weddings to Ivy League School fetes Birmingham Private Investigators can assist your security and institution to ensure a hitch free event in West Midlands.

Birmingham Private Investigators Events Security in West Midlands will supply private investigators who are greatly experienced in dealing with high profile event security.

Birmingham Private Investigators have several years of experience in safeguarding the security of a great number of visitors and controlling their vehicle.

Close Protection Security Services from Birmingham Private Investigators in Birmingham can be employed for various purposes.

Both Birmingham private and corporate clients seek Birmingham Private Investigators for security and defence in West Midlands and outside.

Birmingham Private Investigators can help those working abroad in a country plagued with disagreements with local knowledge, language skills, and defence.

If you have doubts about being monitored in Henley-in-Arden Birmingham Private Investigators Close Protection Security is there to put your mind at ease.

If you have a broken phone in Birmingham, then Birmingham Private Investigators's Phone Digital Forensics are the best option for you.

For may people in Morton Bagot, a broken phone can be the cause of many problems.

Birmingham Private Investigators can help recover old documents and information from damaged phones with their Phone Digital Forensics services.

If you happen to get blocked from using your phone, Birmingham Private Investigators's professionals can assist you in gaining back access.

Your home computer needs to be operational all the time, and we know this at Birmingham Private Investigators.

Other computer issues can be a nightmare when you do not know what the problem is whilst other issues can be due to a broken computer in Washford.

If you are facing any issue with your computer in Henley-in-Arden, then Birmingham Private Investigators may be able to assist you with their Personal Computer Digital Forensics.

Birmingham Private Investigators can assist you If you have a broken computer in Birmingham, from forgotten passwords to recovering lost data.

Email scams are very hard to avoid, which is why you shouldn't feel like an idiot if you have been the victim of one in Redditch

Birmingham Private Investigators knows that if you are seen as an easy target in Birmingham, email scammers will not hesitate to prey on you.

Your reputation and the reputation of your business can be ruined by malicious emails.

If you are concerned about any email you have received, Birmingham-based Birmingham Private Investigators can offer you advice and assistance.

In West Midlands email hackers are crafty fraudsters and thieves.

You won't know they have hacked you in Birmingham until there is nothing that you can do about it.

If you have been a target of these email hackers, then call Birmingham-based Birmingham Private Investigators for help now.

You can learn what has happened to your account in Birmingham through Email Hacking Digital Forensics.

Birmingham Private Investigators can conduct a Bug Sweep in Birmingham if you believe you have been hacked.

When it comes to doing bug sweeps in houses and workplaces, Birmingham Private Investigators have many years of experience.

The Birmingham customers we have served have different backgrounds and lifestyles.

It can be frightening to think that you are being watched in Henley-in-Arden.

Our employees at Birmingham Private Investigators will explain the entire process to you in a friendly and professional way.

All the devices will be removed and destroyed once they have been uncovered by Birmingham Private Investigators.

Audio Cameras and CCTV Systems based in Birmingham provide 24 hour supervision of your work or residence.

Birmingham Private Investigators has had enormous success with decreasing Birmingham Private Investigators safety threats in and around Birmingham.

Birmingham Private Investigators 24 hour surveillance systems, such as CCTV Systems located in Birmingham can also monitor staff members and act as a theft deterrent.

Birmingham Private Investigators Audio Cameras make secure and monitoring your personal living quarters in Henley-in-Arden feel more secure and privacy levels seem raised up.

A Birmingham Private Investigators Audio Camera will offer the relief to leave your belongings out in your room at residence in Morton Bagot.


Birmingham Private Investigators Matrimonial Surveillance investigations in Birmingham are performed by extremely talented private detectives with years of experience in Birmingham.

Birmingham Private Investigators has been in this business in Birmingham for many years now and during this time we have helped many clients in the West Midlands area to gather evidence against cheating spouses.

We have some of the most experienced and talented private investigators who carry out expert Corporate Surveillance in Birmingham using their in-depth knowledge about business matters and superb adeptness to quickly react to all situations.

On more than one occasion Birmingham Private Investigators has demonstrated its efficacy in different circumstances, ranging from company legitimacy to theft in workplace in Birmingham.

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We are an extremely professional, discreet , highly trained team of private investigators and detectives. We understand that talking to us may seem a little overwhelming. Be reassured that we are here to help and are very understanding and approachable.

Within the team, we have both male and female investigators, just tell us, whom you would prefer to discuss your issue or concerns with. We are here to assist you 24/7.

When you suspect that your partner is having an affair not knowing creates huge amounts of anxiety and sleepless nights. You can feel completely out of control, alone with no one to talk too. Let us be your friendly ear. Call with complete confidence that we will deal with your situation with discretion, empathy, understanding and professionalism helping you find the truth and allowing you to get back in control of your life.

When you contact Private Detectives and Investigators we will:

  • Treat your enquiry with complete discretion and confidentiality
  • Treat you will professionally and courteously at all times
  • Explain exactly what we can be done to solve your problem
  • We have had cheating partners ourselves so we understand exactly the feeling you are experiencing.

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