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 Investigative Consultants

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I began this firm in 1998, after 34 years as a Police Officer, beginning as patrolman and leaving as Chief Detective. We believe that "Good people with good information make good decisions. Good people with bad information make serious mistakes."  Knowledge is Power, and we want to ensure that you have that power. 

We specialize in Polygraph Investigations; however, Investigative Consultants is a multifaceted corporation and provides a vast number of services for our clientele, ensuring the highest possible quality service and support in every situation. Whether you need to locate a loved one, any type of background investigations including but not limited to criminal, employment, financial and legal judgements. We provide surveillance, jury profiling and more; we are here to provide the knowledge you need tailored to your situation.

We are a professionally oriented service firm providing confidential investigations for insurance companies, self-insured corporations, third-party administrators, law firms and private citizens, from the Greater Ohio Valley through all 50 states. Our services are ethical, confidential and personalized from the inception of our service(s) to the conclusion of the assignment. All necessary documentation of our findings is immaculately prepared for litigation for the simple reason that the service we provide you is our reputation. That reputation has always been, and will always be, like our findings: SOLID AND PRECISE.