The Ondrick Agency


If you have arrived to this page, you likely already had an initial interview with someone from our team. Congratulation on continuing on in our process. There are two simple steps to move forward at this point.

1) Watch the informational video below. We want you to get to know us better, and we start that here. Please take notes, specifically about questions that come up as you view this first video. We will make sure you have all your questions answered along the way!

2) Complete the application questions after viewing the video. These questions are a follow-up to the conversation you had now that you've learned a little more about what we do. We will review these responses as we consider your candidacy.

Once you complete and submit these questions, we will review your responses. Should we continue to see a fit for our team, you will receive an invitation to continue in the process and schedule your final interview.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Complete Application Questions