Internet of Tangibles

Internet of Tangibles: Studio at TEI'18

March 18, 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

There is an increasing interest in the HCI research community to design richer user interactions with the Internet of Things (IoT). The Internet of Things is entering our daily routines through the increasing number of commercially available connected objects and devices. Such connected objects are able to collect an enormous quantity of information about our life and to offer us useful services. Most of such services are accessible at a tap of one finger through intuitive smartphone or web apps, thus poorly exploiting users’ manipulative and cognitive skills. Within this context, a question arises: “can we design richer interaction experiences with IoT objects, exploiting the affordances of the physical world, instead of constraining users' interactions behind the screens of the smartphones?”.

This studio will allow exploring the design of tangible interaction with the IoT, what we call Internet of Tangibles. In particular, we aim at investigating the full interaction-attention continuum, with the purpose of designing IoT tangible interfaces that can switch between peripheral interactions that do not disrupt everyday routines, and focused interactions that support user’s reflections. This investigation will be conducted through hands-on activities where participants will prototype tangible IoT objects, starting by a paper prototyping phase, supported by design cards, and followed by an Arduino prototype phase. The purpose of the studio is also establishing a community of researchers and practitioners, from both academy and industry, interested in the field of tangible interaction with the Internet of Things.

If you are interested in participating to this studio please read our call for participation.

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