About Intel i7 Processor


Intel is known for being one of the best manufacturer of PC microprocessors. The first ever microprocessor manufactured by Intel was Intel 4004 in 1971. The growth and development of the microprocessors have increased rapidly. The preference for fast multi-tasking, sharing, operations etc. has boosted the development of microprocessors.


Intel Core i7 is a microprocessor family designed for high-end performance by Intel Corporation. It's features and functioning are efficient than the Core i3 and i5. i7 was first introduced in the year 2008 and the recent launch was in 2018. The i7 is followed by a next set of Core i9 microprocessors. Intel’s Core i7 is available for both PC and Mobile. A number of generations of the i7 microprocessors are available.


The Intel i3 processors has two cores while the Intel i5 has four cores. The Intel i7 also has four cores and some models have around six to eight cores.

Quad core processor

All desktop i7 Processors are quad core. Dual core and multi core processors are available only for mobile. As seen above, Intel i7 models has four cores and some have around six to eight cores. There is only one microprocessor. Microprocessor can contain a number of cores. Cores perform various tasks. The tasks given by the users are split among the cores. Therefore, if there are more number of cores the tasks are completed faster and the output is available in a faster speed. However, this varies depending on the software used.

Clock speed

The clock speed is measured in terms of Gigahertz (GHz). If the Gigahertz is more, it means that the clock speed is faster. If the clock speed is faster, the calculations which are essential for running the computer will be done faster. Therefore, the applications will run in high speed and efficiently. The Intel Core i7 offers a standard clock speed from 3.3 GHz to 3.7 GHz.

Difference between i5 and i7



Intel i5 is a dual core processor while Intel i7 is a quad core processor. Dual core doesn't mean that the speed and operations are double the times of a single core processor. Quad core processors are much faster than dual core processors. It also depends on the model and the software on which it is used


Intel Core i7 has much more capabilities than i5. It can efficiently multi- task, manage, high-end gaming and performs the operations of the computer in a much faster range.


Most of the Intel Core i7 is much faster than Intel Core i5. However, this varies. Some models in Intel Core i5 is faster than Intel Core i7.


The most important difference between Intel Core i7 and Intel Core i5 is Hyper-Threading. Hyper-Threading is available in all Intel Core i7 models. It is a technology which allows one microprocessor to act as one more processor to the operating system and the applications. It allows two threads to function on a single thread. This feature is also available in i3 and i5 processors but they are limited to a total of four threads while i7 can operate up to eight threads.


The Intel Core i7 Processors have more cache than i3 and i5 processors. This feature allows the storage of data in the cache memory instead of storage inside the memory in the motherboard which takes time to retrieve. Intel Core i7 has 8 Mb cache while Intel i5 has only 6 Mb cache. This aids to enhance the execution of instruction speed.



Since the Intel Core i7 Processors function on quad core processor, it consumes more power. The power consumption is at a higher rate than i5 processors. As a result, it drains out the battery level of the laptops.


Intel i7 Processors are much costlier than i5 and i3 processors.

Where to buy?

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