Center for Integrated Primary Care -Online

The Center for Integrated Primary Care was established by the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 2011. It has three goals:

  1. Develop, synthesize and disseminate skills for best practices in IPC so as to become a national leader in workforce development.
  2. Become a focal point for supporting and showcasing the development of IPC across UMass Departments and Centers.
  3. Become a center of excellence in the evaluation of programs that integrate behavioral health and primary care services.

The Certificate Program in Primary Care Behavioral Health offered by the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Massachusetts Medical School, for licensed mental health professionals who want to learn to work as primary care behavioral health providers. Brochure includes application and information on becoming a site for the videoconference.

Look for the new Training Program for Care Managers and Navigators coming in January, 2012.

Other Online Training

Training in the IMPACT model.

Free online set of 1 hour webinars for primary care providers on behavioral healthcare in primary care.

Free online webinars teaching SBIRT.


A Major Area of Study in Behavioral Health Integration and Population Health at Antioch University New England

Psychology training programs in Primary Care Behavioral Health (.XLS File – 568KB).

Social Work

All of the above online training is aimed at Social Workers among others.

We have been unable to locate any graduate or post-graduate in person training for social workers to be behavioral health clinicians in primary care. If you know of any, please let us know. We are aware that there has been training for medical social workers for years, but the behavioral health clinicians who are social workers in primary care do not seem to have come from that pathway as a rule.


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Primary Care Physicians

See the online training for PCPs in primary care behavioral health

Care Management

There are training programs for care managers, case managers, care coordinators and other professionals who fill the role of connector between providers and patients. Most are either in the mental health world or the medical world.

The Integrated Case Management training, developed by Roger Kathol, MD, is one of the few directed at preparing people to do these roles for medical and behavioral health needs.

Medical Family Therapy

The University of Rochester has an Institute program that it has run for years.

East Carolina University has a doctoral program in Medical Family Therapy