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Integral Management Company


Integral Management Company 

The mission of this company is to develop mulitiple companies under this heading that specilizes in specific areas of need.   The first stage of this company is the Business Development Division.  The Business Development Divsion has been established to help individuals with all the steps it takes to start and fund a business.  We can not guarantee funding however we an guarantee a winning proposal or grant depending on your circumstances.  After you have recevied your funding, we can assist you with the management, bookkeeping and payroll for your new business. 

Are you starting a new business and don't know what to do?

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Need Help determing if you should be an LLC, LP or S corporation. 

Have a grant and don't know what to do or need help finding federal grants

Trying to get financing, need a business proposal?

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Bookkeeping and Payroll


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