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  • Cucumber Concubine / Wingdisk 7" 'Bu bu bu bu' + 'The Message in Mint'

300 copies green vinyl limited edition with locked groove, 100 copies signed by Ian Masters and Mark Tranmer (Some signed copies available again. Unsigned also still available).

Both sides feature contributions from Ian Masters, Mark Tranmer, Terako Terao and a mystery saxophonist.

Available directly from the Institute of Spoons (in Japan), price 1200 JPY + shipping.

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* Ayu Okakita - Sayonara Dance (CD, Album)Price: 2000 Japan YenComment: If you don't live in Japan, you won't have been able to see Ayu's emotionally charged live shows, so buy this and relish it until you can. Thoroughly recommended. 1st Japanese pressing!Remaining stock: 4 copies

The Institute of Spoons dusty stock cupboard has the following items. Any questions please ask. If you'd like items to be signed, please say so!:

* Various - The Winner Is The Loser (CD, Comp) I said to Davin: "How about a battle to the sonic death?" This is what happened. No-one survived. All the bands broke up.Price: 1200 Japan YenRemaining stock: 7 copies
* Wingdisk - Time Is Running Out Ep ‎(10", EP) Recorded mostly in Japan on Dr. Tranmer's 1st visit. I made him eat natto.Price: 1300 Japan YenRemaining stock: 7 copies
* Oneironaut Mercury Gardens (7" Limited clear vinyl) Label makes record. Label disappears. B side is one "note", a fairly green one.Price: 1200 Japan YenRemaining stock: 2 copies
------------------------------------------------Releases featuring Ian------------------------------------------------
* Waves On Canvas - Into The Northsea (CD)Electronica pop with Ian's vocal and songwriting on 1 track ('Starfish') 1500 Japan YenRemaining stock: 2 copies
* Dive Index - Mid/Air ‎(CD)Electronica with Ian's vocal and songwriting on 1 track ('Hoko Onchi') 1300 Japan Yen (sealed in shrink)Remaining stock: Last copy!
* Various - Tonalism ‎(CD)Compilation including Sore & Steal 'Echoes From A Retromingent Planet'Comment: Cool hand made packaging. 1000 Japan YenRemaining stock: Last copy!
* Various - Musica_F_Musico 月相 vol1 (CD-R) 5 track compilation including Big Beautiful Bluebottle - Dr. Shoemaker's Last WishComment: Sleeve design by the very talented Japanese artist Rashyo. Sadly packaging looks shoddy.Price: 800 Japan YenRemaining stock: 4 copies
------------------------Related Artists------------------------
Luminous Orange ‎– Puppy Dog Mail EP Vinyl, 7", EP (1998)Label: Friendly Science Enregisterments ‎– FS04Comment: Again, an amazing E.P. Rie did for us. Bossa Futura. Also essential!Price: 2000 Japan YenRemaining stock: Last copy!
* His Name Is Alive / Little Princess ‎– Drugs Farm Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, EP (1998) 1300 Japan YenRemaining stock: 3 copies
-------------------SOLD OUT-------------------
* His Name Is Alive ‎– You Need A Heart To Live EP 7", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM (1997)Label: Friendly Science Enregisterments ‎– FS02Comment: Amazing E.P. Warn did for us. Dub reggae HNIA style. Absolutely essential!(SOLD OUT)
* I'm Sore ‎– Inside (2003) Kabukikore kkcd21 CDr, Limited Edition UK 1500 Japan Yen (still sealed)(SOLD OUT)
* Sore And Steal - Staying Home April '73 / Titanic Sofas (2001) Friendly Science Enregisterments, Farrágo Records fs06, frg-012 7" picture disc US 1200 Japan Yen(SOLD OUT)
* I'm Sore & Princess Dragon Mom - Split CD, Album 1200 Japan Yen(SOLD OUT)
* Two Sun Tears split 7" Clear vinyl lathe cut (Ian sings 'Losing' by Buddha on the Moon -Limited edition of 40 only! Includes 3" CD of the same tracks) ... OUT)
* Mountain Ocean Sun - Mountain Ocean Sun ‎(2003) Perforate My Heart Music CDr, Album 1500 Japan Yen(SOLD OUT)
* Pail Saint ‎– Noise Bucket (1996) Ltd CDr Album 1500 Japan Yen(SOLD OUT)
* Various ‎– Sweet Psychedelic Orange CD (2008)Compilation including Wingdisk - Pink Snow (Space Mix) 1500 Japan Yen (shrink sealed)(SOLD OUT)
* Various ‎– A Mind Expansion Compilation 2 (2xCD)Compilation including Spoonfed Hybrid The Sun Always Changes My Mind 1300 Japan Yen (sealed in shrink)(SOLD OUT)
* Oneironaut ‎– City/Nine Inch Army (1996) Derby Records ‎– Race 003 OUT ... even we don't have a copy)

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